Tuesday, August 28, 2012

                                     Vancouver Island Trip August 2012
                                                          Here are some photos from my vancouver island trip. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Squamish Railfanning July 13th an14th
                                                    Rocky Mountaineer  

Friday, August 10, 2012

                       Rail Fanning the Kelowna Pacific February 2012
The Kalowna Pacific is a Short line carrier in the central Okanagan Region of British Columbia. It was spun of by CN in 2000. CN leased the track to Knighthawk industries which own Kelowna Pacific. The KPR starts in Kamloops and then goes down to the tow of Armstrong BC. From there is goes down to Vernon BC. Vernon is the Kelowna Pacifics HQ. Out sid of town is lumby junction. The line splits in to and the line to the left goes to lumby BC the line on the right goes down to Kelowna which is the southern terminus of the railway. The railway mainly carries forest products and grain/feed. They also ship various industrial supplies. My photos were taken in Vernon. 

                                PGE/BCR 100th Convention

The PGE/BCR convention is Squamish BC was held on July 13-15th to celebrate 100 years since the chartering of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway (later BC RAIL). My model railway club was invited to attend and run trains on our layout at the convention. The convention was held at the West Coast railway park.There were tours and chances to ride on some old PGE equipment.